Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shot #3

Back from Cabo and straight in for another treatment....

At least this was a quick one.  Looking back to try to remember which dose of this shot I've had, I realize I haven't written much about it.  First of all, it's big:

I receive this once a month, so only sometimes does it fall on the same day as regular chemo.  The appointment goes like this:
sign in at the front desk
wait to be called
follow a nurse into an exam room
wait while the nurse gets the supplies
the nurse cleans and disinfects the correct area
 (We have to switch sides of the abdomen each time.)
the nurse sprays on the "cold spray"
in goes the needle
on goes the gauze and bandaid
go home.

Last month, the shot was quite painful and caused bruising.  The area was sensitive for several days.  This time wasn't so bad.  So, thanks for the prayers.  Perhaps this "cup" will not be removed from me, but I can be strengthened to endure for many, many more shots.  

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